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P.O. Box 1529 | 2805 U.S. 40 | Verdi, NV 89439 tf 800.717.4251 | ph 775.345.2882 | w Precise repetition. Improve focus and the ability to make adjustments with the Hack Attack's three-wheel design that provides complete ball vision. With a quick turn of the dials, you can effortlessly throw fastballs, change-ups and right- or left-hand breaking pitches. Unique aspects of practice can be achieved with accessories like our leg extensions which raises the release height from 53" to 70" or our fungo leg kit which moves the Hack Attack easily around the field for fungo work. "I have been coaching professional baseball, including the major league level, for over 30 years and I have used this machine every day for both offensive and defensive work. It is by far the best machine on the market." - Joe Maddon, Manager, Tampa Bay Rays Training PerfecTed Circle No. 124

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