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36 Coaching Management PRESEASON 2015 SPORTS ATTACK In business for 20-plus years, Sports Attack has become a leader in professional, quality training equipment for baseball, football, volleyball, soccer, softball, rugby, cricket, and tennis. PROVIDES LIVE-ARM SENSE OF TIMING • Three-Wheel baseball machine provides full vision of the ball • Simply adjust wheel speed to change from fastball to curveball • New inside/outside adjustment handle provides in- stant location change • 800-717-4251 Circle No. 124 MUHL TECH Baseball training equipment and training aids. POWER BAG HITTING TRAINER • Teaches hitters to use their hips as a power source • Encourages them to power through contact and finish the swing • Good point-of-contact mechanics make the bag swing higher • Lazy hips or rolled wrists mean the bag won't move as much • 888-766-8772 Circle No. 123 SPORTS TUTOR A leading manufacturer of ball throwing machines for baseball, tennis, volleyball and soccer. HOMEPLATE PITCHING MACHINES • The HomePlate Premier and HomePlate Ultimate can be programmed to throw different pitches • Set up programs for any drill • Simulate the opposing pitcher you will face next • Three-wheel technology for greater accuracy • The HomePlate Ultimate features an 80-ball auto-feed • 800-448-8867 Circle No. 104 PERFECT PITCH & THROW, INC. Makers of THE ROPE Trainer for pitchers. IMPROVE THROWING FUNDAMENTALS • Designed to help pitchers improve their mechanics • Increases confidence, velocity, and accuracy • Decreases fatigue and injury risk • Quick-change tether accommodates both two- and four-seam grips • Tactile, auditory, and physical feedback promote proper throwing techniques 727-642-6819 Circle No. 119 CAL U OF PA Offering 100-percent online, flexible Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Exercise Science and Sport Management. FLEXIBLE DEGREES • Opportunities to earn advanced degree in the sport and exercise industry. • Longest academic partner of National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) • Classes are 100-percent online and asynchronous • Flexible degree options for working professionals 866-595-6348 Circle No. 108 Circle No. 122 Practice Aids/More Products

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