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32 Coaching Management PRESEASON 2015 TOOLS for PLAYER ASSESSMENT How It Work: Hittinguru 3D uses a single Microsoft camera to capture both 2D + 3D video— without bulky body sensors or costly multiple cameras. 2D + 3D video helps players to immediately "see and feel" changes coaches are often challenged to explain. Coaches learn, in just 5 minutes, to use the company's simple software to teach the kinesthetic hitting systems it took Hall of Fame Coach Gary Ward a lifetime to develop and teach. App/Software or Equipment Needed: Some Hittinguru 3D software licenses may include a Kinect 2D + 3D camera and PC. Call for details. Other Notables: Hittinguru 3D features full-body motion capture & 30+ key swing metrics such as center of mass (weight transfer). Both Coaches and Players have access to video training on how to use the system to more easily correct swing faults that can only be identified using this powerful 2D + 3D system. Hittinguru | 3D • 1.844.4-GURU-3D Circle No. 100 How It Work: The new Radar Data Link ™ provides wireless data capability for the company's Swing Speed Radar ® to measure the bat swing speed for your players. App/Software or Equipment Needed: Any Bluetooth-enabled Android device such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop can receive the data. Other Notables: Sports Sensors is the leader in affordable radars for sports. The Radar Data Link ™ has a transmission range of over 30 feet. It can be purchased in conjunction with the Swing Speed Radar or installed by Sports Sensors in previously purchased units. Sports Sensors, Inc. • 888-542-9246 Circle No. 150 How It Work: Eagle Eye is a home plate with built-in technology that tracks movement over it. When a ball passes over the plate, LEDs light up on top and in front of the plate, a buzzer sounds, and the speed is displayed on the top of the plate. App/Software or Equipment Needed: The Eagle Eye connects a free app that allows coaches to input the type of pitch, count pitches, and store data. It can be used on smartphones, iPads, notebooks, or other similar electronic devices. Other Notables: The system can also record bat speeds as well as pitch information. It allows for quick and easy review of pitches and swings and can be used for scouting players, too. COMING SOON...Strike 2 Model that adjusts the height of the strike zone for each player. Strike 3 Model will have "wing" attachments to track throws outside the strike zone. Eagle Eye • 844-EagleEye Circle No. 120 How Does It Work: A Mental Training System, developed with Kansas City Royals Manager Ned Yost, that improves field decision- making and baseball mental skills. Baseball Academics scores, tracks and analyzes progress, utilizing a defensive rating system (BAR). App/Software or Equipment Needed: The system involves the use of an app that is available for both Apple iOS and Droid platforms. Other Notables: The system allows players to study expert plays from Ned Yost's Pro Playbook and master defensive fundamentals at every position on the field. Baseball Academics is a free download for play. A Premium Subscription of $10 per month is available as well. Baseball Academics • 708-636-1047 Circle No. 151

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