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offseason training training for toUgHness monday Emphasis Lower body, posterior auxiliary, grip intEnsity Heavy load, moderate volume samplE lifts Clean pulls, front squats, Romanian dead lifts, glute-ham raises, pull-ups, TRX rows, fat bar curls, power shrugs Conditioning Sprint progression tUEsday Emphasis Upper body, scapular and shoulder auxiliary intEnsity Heavy load, high volume samplE lifts PoSiTion PLayeRS: Bench presses, incline presses, lateral raises, face pulls PiTCHeRS: Block bench press- es, push-ups, rows, incline scapular raises, one-arm dumbbell presses Conditioning 110-yard sprints and gassers thUrsday Emphasis Lower body, posterior auxiliary, grip intEnsity Moderate weight, high volume samplE lifts Barbell step-ups, barbell lunges, bent-over rows, face pulls, rice buckets, farmer's walks Conditioning Sprint progression friday Emphasis Upper body, rotational strength intEnsity Moderate weight, high volume samplE lifts PoSiTion PLayeRS: Close-grip bench presses, one-arm dumb- bell incline presses, dips, plyo push-ups, med ball wall slams PiTCHeRS: TRX push-ups, knee tucks, T-raises, band pull aparts, med ball wall slams Conditioning 300-yard shuttles Here's what a sample offseason week in the weightroom looks like for the University of Mississippi baseball team. Circle No. 119 Circle No. 120 Coaching management PReSeaSon 2015 29 Excellent for Training Pitchers EAGLE EYE STRIKE 1 MODEL A home plate with built- in technology that tracks movement over it. When a ball passes over plate, LEDs light up on top and front of plate, a buzzer sounds, and the speed is displayed on the top of the plate. The Eagle Eye connects a free app that allows coaches to input the type of pitch, count pitches, and store data. STRIKE 2 MODEL that adjusts the height of the strike zone for each player. STRIKE 3 MODEL will have "wing" attachments to track throws outside the strike zone. and get credits towards future upgrade. 1.844.EagleEye (324-5339) Order NOW! COMING SOON Use THE ROPE trainer anytime, anywhere to improve throwing confidence, velocity and accuracy while reducing fatigue and injury resulting from improper throwing mechanics. "In my 35 years of coaching, I have seen many new inventions geared toward improving the fundamentals of baseball. THE ROPE Pitch and Throw Trainer is a cutting-edge product that reinforces proper grip and throwing fundamentals. My pitchers and position players use it to warm up and practice proper throwing techniques. This product has my complete endorsement!" - Scott Miller, Florida HS State Champion & College Coach Regulation-size baseball Patented quick-change tether Tether receptor for either two- or four-seam grip/throwing position Order now training. | (727) 642-6819 U.S. Patent 8,771,106 for throwing Click Here to sign up for our free series of educational digital newsletters

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