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Page 26 of 39 Coaching Management PRESEASON 2015 25 issues you may have. For example, if you eas- ily become angry at your athletes and don't always use your passion in a positive way, it's critical to work on anger management with a counselor. Do I have support, socIally? When you map out your day, do you schedule time for socializing? We are so busy and caught up in the next practice and con- test, we often believe we can't afford to shoot the breeze with friends or peers. But, in real- ity, we all need to socialize. Research suggests a strong connection between lack of social support and burnout for coaches. One study found that the stron- ger the level of social support a coach has, the better he or she will be able to reduce stress. Recently, I was teaching at a clinic in Boston where this was a hot topic. The vet- eran coaches in the audience relayed that their longevity was due in part to finding time to spend with family and friends, no matter how busy they were. One coach shared that he always chatted with his wife before making any personnel decisions for the team. Talking through his ideas and lis- A LittLe HeLp If your self-review indicates you are struggling in a few areas, these resources can help. Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization, By John Wooden and Steve Jamison InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives, By Joe Ehrmann Sport Coach Radio: Glenn Whitney, Podcasts available at: tening to her feedback gave him the per- spective he needed. Social support is essential at particularly tough times. Having positive people rally around you during a down season or after a big loss can resupply a coach's mental reserves. And that is crucial to staying upbeat for the athletes. Personally, I know a supportive group of peers, friends, and family have made a world of difference in my career. For example, a few years ago, I hit a rough stretch with my team, as several athletes were injured and we weren't meeting expectations. The season was very challenging. Coming home from practice each night to smiling faces and sympathetic listeners always gave me a boost. how Do I feel about what I'm DoIng? Coaches often get sidetracked by their win-loss record. It becomes the one and only way we measure our worth, and we ride the emotional highs and lows of the com- petitive season. Forget about standings, rankings, and runs scored for a moment and ask yourself honestly: Am I performing effectively as a coach? Are my student-athletes learning and growing? Are they having a meaningful experience? Does everyone on the team and staff feel connected? Are people supporting one another? This may all sound simplistic, but the way you feel about the job you are doing can yield important feedback to how you actu- ally are doing in your job. And there is plenty of research to support this idea. If you believe, "I'm going in the wrong direction" or "My skills are lacking" or possi- bly, "No one respects me," that's an indication LeADeRSHip Circle No. 117 Circle No. 118 Quality Products at Reasonable Prices Call Today for New Catalog! 1-800-969-5920 33490 Pin Oak Parkway, Avon Lake, OH 44012 REFLEX STYLE $ 105 .00 PABF175/3 Also available set $ 111 .00 PABF100/3 for BOLCO style bases set $ 180 .00 #SLP-25 Set • No need to make forms and pour concrete. • Quick Installation • Long Life • Models for 1¾" and 1" Anchors • Measure once and permanently identify all line intersections. • Cut field marking time by 2/3rds. • Professional results every time. • Mat limits dig-in field damage • Lowers field maintenance cost • Combine two mats to fill Batters Box. Mat is 32 x 40" 66" Reflex Style Soccer Flags #3240-BBF $ 95 .00 ONLY ea. Pre-assembled Base Anchors Batters Box & Pitchers Mound Foundation Mats Reduce Baseball Field Maintenance with MarkSmart TM Recycled Rubber Products Reduce Soccer Field Setup Time with MarkSmart TM Complete Soccer Set Ready for Spring Sports? $ 56 .00 Set of 4 Click Here to sign up for our free series of educational digital newsletters

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