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If you're like most coaches, the end of each season is followed by a performance review. Your supervisor will typically look at the win-loss record, complaints or prob- lems that arose, your ability to stay within budget, and if you reached preseason goals— all important stuff. But often those postseason evaluations don't get at the heart of the matter: Are you thriving as a coach or merely surviving? Are you connecting with your athletes and mak- mike spencer/ap photo There are nine innings in a game. Nine athletes on the field. Here are nine questions to evaluate how you are performing as a head coach. By Dr. Mike Davenport LEADERSHIP ing them better? Or are your daily frustra- tions keeping you up at night? Those are the type of questions, I believe, we need to ask ourselves every once in a while as coaches. Forget the win-loss record for a moment. Don't read through tomor- row's game plan one more time. Instead, consider conducting a self-evaluation— something that will help you determine if you are truly moving in the right direction. Here's how. First, read the following sec- tions. Then answer the questions in "Keep- ing Score" on page 26. When you're done with the questions, tabulate your score to get a deeper insight into the job you are doing as a coach. After coaching and working with coaches for more than 35 years, I cannot express how strongly I believe in the importance of peri- odically taking a time-out to do a self-review. Our competitive drive can sometimes get in ready for nine? 22 Coaching Management Preseason 2015 Click Here to sign up for our free series of educational digital newsletters

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